The Loan Review Module is fully integrated with your loan accounting data and financial spreads allowing effortless sample creation using a variety of risk-based attributes. Automatic import of borrower, note and financial information into electronic line sheets, along with the ability to bring forward information from previous reviews, maximizes time available for analysis.Learn More
Portfolio Analysis is a powerful tool used for zeroing in on user-defined risk pools within the loan portfolio to evaluate potential areas of risk. Invaluable to management, Portfolio Analysis provides multiple views of your portfolio’s composition as well as historical performance comparisons to immediately help to identify anomalies in a matter of minutes.Learn More
DiCom Portfolio Monitor enables you to continuously monitor specific credits, relationships, and credits of interest to make effective decisions that will drive the successful outcomes and monitor areas of risk. With an arsenal of powerful management tools, Portfolio Monitor provides your organization with greater understanding, awareness and control over its entire loan portfolio.Learn More
DiCom’s CQS reporting can capture data from your core, review data, and CQS Portfolio Monitor. From pre-built templates ready to run to a fully customizable reporting tool, you have the ability to see every aspect of risk within your portfolio at any point in time.Learn More
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