Introducing our latest CQS Release


DiCOM’s CQS is undergoing constant innovation. With the release of CQS 11.0 in August, credit risk professionals now have access to even more powerful tools to perform effective Loan Review and impactful Portfolio Analysis.  Release 11.1 will bring an entirely new reporting engine to improve our clients’ ability to evaluate and communicate pockets of risk within their commercial loan portfolio.

See how CQS 11.0 revolutionized the loan review scoping process.  Click on the images below for a larger version.

Scope by your Largest Relationships or Single Borrowers!

Save Queries and Query Sets to Automate your Scoping Process!

Select Risk-based Scoping Criteria with a Few Mouse Clicks!

Special Selection Allows you to Fine-tune your Sample in Seconds!

Portfolio Analysis Allows you to Scope on Custom User Defined Fields (UDFs)