DiCOM’s Credit Quality Solution –  CQS™ is a powerful suite of software modules that allow you to proactively manage credit risk. CQS eliminates isolated pockets of information within your credit operation by sharing appropriate information across departmental lines and facilitating fast, well-informed decision making.  Consisting of three powerful modules — Loan Review ™, Portfolio Analysis, and Portfolio Monitor — DiCOM CQS will enable your financial institution to support a portfolio-based risk management approach, increase productivity to give you more time for loan portfolio analysis, provide comprehensive portfolio composition analysis for more informed decision making and deliver improved credit quality ratios.


The Loan Review Module brings structure and efficiency to the Loan Review process.  The module provides all the features required to quickly identify and assess risk within your portfolio.  The role-based business workflows help guide users through effective credit management at all levels within an organization.  Integration with your loan accounting data and financial spreads allows effortless sample creation using a variety of risk-based attributes.

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The Portfolio Analysis Module is a powerful tool used for deep data analysis. From zeroing in on user-defined risk pools within the loan portfolio to uncovering emerging areas and evaluating potential areas of risk.

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The Portfolio Monitor Module enables you to monitor and track specific credits within your bank’s portfolio and make decisions that will give your bank greater understanding and control to proactively reduce credit risk.

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CQS Homepage

The intuitive CQS Homepage provides a quick view of work in progress as well as easy navigation to the review workspace.  Progress and performance management dashboards are also readily available to provide quick insights and drive effective decision making.

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