Today on October 24, DiCom released the latest version of CQS. Version 10.5 represents major leap forward by providing added operational efficiency to further optimize CQS users’ loan review process. In fact, the majority of enhancements included in version 10.5 are directly inspired by customer feedback. Some of the notable enhancements are listed below:

– Improve efficiency during the review process by greatly reducing the time to create or copy comments, exceptions and attachments for previously reviewed borrowers.
– Streamline the Reviewer in Charge (RIC) Approval Process through a new bulk RIC approval routine.
– Reduce the time needed to replicate risk rating changes across multiple loans for a borrower through the new risk rating push feature.
– Promote consistency in the risk rating change process through new client-defined risk rating reason and change history reporting.
– Quickly and efficiently navigate to borrowers awaiting review or completion through an enhanced borrower navigation menu.
– Maintain regulatory and audit compliance through new framework enhancements.
– Track performance through the new loan review dashboard.

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