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Loan Review Benefits

  • Substantially reduces scoping time
  • Delivers more time for analysis
  • Increases portfolio coverage
  • Improves credit quality, reduces loan losses

Facing New Challenges

Increasingly, the focus of regulators is on how effective a bank’s credit risk management system is. Loan Review is one of the departments being called on to perform in an ‘internal governance’ role, to respond to this increased scrutiny.

How can your bank do that? What tools will you be able to use to meet this higher level of expectations?

A Comprehensive Loan Review Solution

You need a way to access your data. Real time information. DiCom’s CQS gives you that. A system that helps you find the problems in the loan portfolio. And once you identify where they might be, you have a way to document what you find so you can provide detailed analysis to others.

Minimizing Data Entry… Maximizing Results

No more transferring data to spreadsheets. No more paging through the loan accounting system for details on each note. That information is automatically on the screen for you to see every month, and not only that, you can sort the loans using those valuable pieces as guides to where you need to spend your time. Starting from there, your effort can be where it needs to be, on the analysis of the credits. At any point along the way, at the push of a button, you have a report you can share with others that explains your findings and allows them to take appropriate action.