Portfolio Analysis Benefits

  • Provides desktop access to critical portfolio content
  • Improves portfolio risk identification and management
  • Simplifies concentration analysis and reporting
  • Reduces dependency on costly IT resources
  • Eases access to information for smoother regulatory exams
  • Enhances information sharing for informed decision making

Knowing What You’ve Got

Your bank’s loan portfolio is its largest asset and its largest source of income. Staying on top of the countless, ever-changing individual loans making up that portfolio is an enormous task. This task is critical to the health of the asset, and virtually impossible to do well without technology to assist you.

Identifying Areas of Credit Risk

Understanding what is in your portfolio is critical to effective risk management. Your goal is to recognize a troubled asset before it becomes a problem, and ultimately a loss. Spotting trends, either positive or negative, across segments of the portfolio, requires more than intuition, it requires an efficient set of tools.

Additional Tools for deeper analysis

To complement Portfolio Analysis, a Stress Testing application and Trend Analysis application are included with Portfolio Analysis.

Portfolio Trend Analysis

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As an element of the Portfolio Analysis module of CQS, Trend Analysis provides a visual image of changes in a portfolio over time.
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Portfolio Stress Test

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As an element of the Portfolio Analysis module within CQS, Stress Testing enables an officer to stress the financials within any segment of their portfolio.
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